Campfire Ghost Story (True Account!)

Old Gray Cemetery
Spirit of Protection?

I’m a believer in spirits and ghosts, and some of us have an ability to see, sense or even hear them. I’ve experienced all three (seeing, sensing and hearing) in regards to the spirit world. There are skeptics, and I respect that.

Thing is, what I am about to tell you is a story of a spirit who, I believe, protected me and my friend from a possible attack by a strange (possibly homeless) man.

It was a hot and humid day in early August 2012. My friend and I planned to visit Old Gray Cemetery and take pictures. We had gone several times this past summer without incident.

This time, the spirit activity was higher than normal. This was evidenced by the “creepy vibes” upon entering the graveyard. Many times I don’t feel creeped out at this Victorian cemetery. This trip was different. As we took pictures, I felt uneasy. I tried to shake off the uneasy feeling as we walked around the cemetery admiring the Victorian style stones, obelisks, and mausoleums. The uneasy feeling was getting worse. My friend made small talk while we were making our way around the massive cemetery. All of a sudden, as clear as day, I heard a voice. I was able to make out what she said. (There were no other people in my line of sight.)

“Watch your back! Watch your back!” The female voice said.

As soon as I heard that, I turned around and not even a yard away behind us was a shady, rugged-looking man of African American heritage. He appeared to be homeless, (the Mission was next to the cemetery). As I was face to face with him, I said, “Hey!” The man looked startled and apologized and then zipped right past us, heading towards Broadway Street.

My friend looked at me and exclaimed, “I didn’t even hear him!” He looked shocked. I made the suggestion to return to the car. My energy was gone. I felt a ton of different emotions at once. Once we were inside the car, we immediately locked the doors. I then told my friend what I had heard. I asked him if he thought that guy was going to mug us or do something bad. He stated that he didn’t know, but was convinced that I was warned by something supernatural.

I have read accounts of people going to Old Gray and they would hear voices telling them to “Get Out!” There are many stories of people feeling “freaked out” when they enter the old graveyard. It has a history of being one of the most haunted graveyards in Knoxville.

See, I never felt uneasy there. As strange as it sounds, I feel at peace and I feel as though I am welcomed there by whatever or whoever dwells there.

I haven’t been back to Old Gray since. Perhaps I should plan a visit soon so I can thank the spirit lady who warned me to watch my back…


My Guide to DATING and RED FLAGS! Tips to avoid and get rid of creeps and other stuff.

Disclaimer: This is solely my advice and not that of a therapist or other professional. Use your discretion.

Oy vey. Seriously, I am so sick of “dating” that the idea of being single is sounding better every day.

I’m sure most of us have tried online dating. It’s easier than going out and actually meeting a guy, less time consuming, and you can browse profiles of many dudes and take your pick.

If only it was that easy.

In my online dating experience, all but one relationship were disasters. Perhaps my painful experiences can help you avoid ending up with a creepy guy.

First off, you must ask yourself what you’re looking for in a mate. Why do you want a mate?

Once you got that figured out, then you need to know how to weed out the creeps.

Safety tips for when you decide to communicate via e-mail, messenger, or text:

1. Do NOT give out your number! If you own a smart phone, download Pinger or another free text app. You’ll be assigned an actual number. Also keep in mind to let the guy know this isn’t your phone number and that you’re not comfortable giving out your real number. Tell him once you’re comfortable that you’ll give your real number. If he is an understanding guy then he should be okay with it.

2. Communicate electronically for a couple weeks before meeting. Most men don’t like this, but by doing this you can spot red flags. If there are things a guy is saying that make you uneasy, then cut the cord before you even meet.

3. Once you’ve communicated enough to feel comfortable enough to meet, then decide on a public venue. DO NOT go to his house nor invite him to yours. You never know what kind of guy he may turn out to be!

4. Avoid giving out too much personal information. Do not come across as emotionally vulnerable nor talk about your problems. Predatory men often look for vulnerable women to victimize and control.

🚩🚩Red Flags!🚩🚩
There are so many red flags that I don’t know where to begin.

1. The guy who is overly eager to go on a date after a couple days of communicating (or even the very first day of communicating). We live in a fast paced world, but you should meet a guy when you’re comfortable doing so. If he guilts you, harasses you or doesn’t “get” why you’re not ready just yet is a sign of a control freak or a desperate guy. Kick him to the curb. A good honest guy will understand and wait until you’re ready.

2. The touchy feely guy. This is the guy who appears “normal” after a few dates. Gets you comfortable and then he starts touching you and turns into a horny beast. He will proceed to jump in your pants asap. Get rid of him. He probably only wants sex.

3. The “I can’t stand to be lonely” guy. This guy will tell you how hard it is for him to be single. He has nothing to look forward to. There’s a huge void in his life that he needs to fill and only YOU can solve this dilemma. Look, if a grown man cannot handle being alone or NEEDS a relationship, this could be a sign of an underlying mental illness that will only cause pain in the long run. Cut this cord and run! Run far far away and don’t look back!

4. Married men. Just don’t go there.

5. Clingy men. They will smother the life force out of you. Every minute of every day must be spent together. He wants to go with you everywhere and doesn’t understand the concept of “me time”. A healthy relationship needs time apart from time to time. We do have jobs, kids, friends, hobbies, etc. Distance does make a heart grow fonder. A decent guy will respect your wishes. A clingy man will try to make you feel bad for not wanting to spend ALL your time with him. Don’t pursue this guy.

6. The “Fisherman”. Could also be clingy as well. When I start texting a guy and the next day I’m being called “Baby, babe, honey, sweetie”, it is very unsettling. Then they say they miss me when we haven’t met. Having to fish for compliments. That is a huge turn off.

7. The excessive “self-pic” guy. Yeah, daily self pics texted right to your cell. Not cool. Not cool at all.

8. Self-centered guys. These are cocky braggarts, or shallow guys. It’s all about them. Their texts always start with “I….”, they boast about their possessions and don’t really seem to take an interest in you.

9. Liar. Yeah, lots of them out there! Practice discernment and if you get an uneasy vibe from a guy who can’t seem to keep his story straight, then follow your gut instinct and ditch that guy.

There are lots of great guys out there. It takes patience, discernment and common sense to find the right guy for you. I’m still looking for “Mister Right”. I will not settle, but my standards are not impossibly high. One day, one day.

Do you have a dating nightmare to share? I’d love to hear them!

Insane Poop Texts! (I’m serious!)

I have a younger brother who is amazing. He seems to know how to cheer me up at just the right time. My family is crazy, let me tell you! Here are examples of my brother’s texts. The majority of his texts are about pooping. Gross? Yeah. Funny? Totally! (I hid his name to protect his identity. He’d be mortified knowing I’m posting this!)


Is it just me, or do others find this hilarious?

Are you bold enough to text a friend or family member and share your “moment”?

Have a great day, peeps!

Why I Am Taking a Facebook Sabbatical

I’d like to explain my decision to deactivate my facebook account. I’ll list each reason and then go in detail about it. Just know that as long as you have my text/email/phone number that you can always reach me. 😊

Okay, so back to reasons why Facebook has sucked and almost ruined my life. And I promise I’m not being too dramatic.

1. Status updates on news feeds are beginning to resemble Pinterest. I am sick of seeing the same recipe 18 times on the news feed! Facebook should be a place for letting those you care about know how you’re doing. Not how to make peanut butter cup pie or stuff like that. Go to Pinterest to share recipes.

2. My statuses would have made great lyrics for an Emo rock band. I didn’t want to appear all negative. Facebook was a catalyst for depressive thoughts. I’d get envious of seeing how happy others were and wanting to have the same. I know I must find my own happiness, though. In order to do so, I must alleviate as much negativity as possible. I didn’t like the person I’ve become.

3. Getting hate messages. Hence, the reason I don’t check messages due to the fear of hate mail. Then some people got offended if I didn’t read their message. I’m so sorry…it’s another emotional trigger. I don’t have time for this. I can’t stress enough how important my mental health is and to keep it healthy. When people want to guilt me over trivial things, or try to make me look bad or stupid, then it tends to put a HUGE damper on my day.

4. A guy I dated from school decided to take provocative photos of me and start a Facebook porn site. (February/March) Luckily it was taken down by Facebook. I’m in the process of filing lawsuits on the guilty parties.

5. Although I had 500+ friends. Many chose not to keep in touch and I had a hard time keeping up with others’ lives. If you have my number, text me. I’m not using Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends anymore. If you want my number or email address then please ask for it.

In closing, Facebook is a great tool. It’s great if used the right way. Sadly many have gone to “the dark side” of Facebook and airing dirty laundry, posting play by plays of their day, and recipes that ought to be on Pinterest. (Yes I’m guilty of some of those things, too.) The only notifications I get are game invites. I work, and I ain’t got time for that. Lol.

Much love to you guys. I may get back on Facebook from time to time but it won’t be a daily occurrence.